"Orgasmic Blueprint"

Are you living a fulfilling life of connection and pleasure?

Would you like to experience true lovemaking and ecstasy?

The solution isn’t the latest fitness or nutrition program.

It isn’t about tips or tricks.

It comes from learning how to be close to your lover.

Orgasmic Blueprint offers a step-by-step guide to take your relationship and sex life from stuck and stagnant — to beautiful transformation.

The book is filled with practical tools, case studies, anecdotes and fun exercises that provide insight, support and help you address challenges — in your own time and without the need for expensive therapy.

You’ll learn how to

* be truly comfortable in your own skin

* give and receive optimal pleasure

* get your desires met

* and bring connection, intimacy and ecstasy into your life…

so that you live your personal orgasmic blueprint.

I can’t describe Orgasmic Blueprint in a couple of sentences. It literally offers so much on so many levels. This is a book for grown-ups. For people eager to evolve beyond the usual way of relating, full of assumption, expectation, manipulation, or going along to please. It’s also for the child in us all, the one who longs to just playfully be themselves, while feeling ease and joy in their interactions with others. I’ve worked closely and trained as a facilitator with Matthias Schwenteck and can honestly say I’ve never met anyone who walks his talk quite as he does. He lives and breathes the wisdom in this book, his primary motivation being a deep urge to uplift others, which can, I think, be tangibly felt throughout its pages.
Nina Edmondson
Wow. This book takes on something I didn't think was possible. It gives you a vivid description through clear examples, visual aids and exercises about a system that is based on mere touch, but can give you profound spiritual and emotional experiences and can led to deep transformation. At the same time, it gives insights and clarifications that are based on scientific research on how simple somatic experiences affects the brain or vice versa and gives the reader a road map on how to rewire our brains so that we can awake from the numbness that the current society and our conditioning forces on us. That is quite a feat and I am blown away how well it is carried out. So, if you are interested in your own or other peoples' personal development, in sexual awakening and/or how your body and brain are connected and how you can improve that connection through a simple process which can alter the way you experience your life, then this is the book for you!
Peter Forsberg